Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Meet Tallulah | Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

Usually, I'd gush about how much I loved photographing this little one, but I don't want to bore you. She's a real cute head and these are a few of my favourite photos of my friends' beautiful little girl, Miss Tallulah.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bath and Abroad | Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

Since my last wedding of 2009, I've had a little time on my hands to do things that get reserved for the quieter time of the year. I've visited family and photographed babies, sat in cafés all afternoon catching up with books and good friends and even managed to spend a night out of London.

I had never been all that bothered with a trip to Bath. It seemed to me that the Roman baths would be a little bit underwhelming, considering I spent eighteen months riding past the Colosseo twice a week in la cittá eterna, eating cacio e pepe and trying my hardest to learn Romanesco. But, when my husband suggested escaping London for a night at the end of last year, Bath seemed as good a place as any considering all the travel I would be doing this year.


Not only are the Roman baths absolutely amazing for their history and the story behind their rediscovery, but they actually still work to some extent, channeling hot water up from the earth to steam up your glasses if you lean too close.

We also came across this little gem tucked away from the high street. I can't claim to be a vintage vixen, but I sometimes think I was definitely born in the wrong era. 


Look at the shine on these! 


The next few weeks are relatively quiet ones for me; catching up on admin and meeting more summer brides, before I gear up for my first wedding of the year in March. There's time for a few days in South Africa before I'll be back to work in Denmark and then Italy the following month with a few English weddings to photograph in between. Then it's onwards to Switzerland for what I am sure is going to be a wedding full of amazing ambience, details and internationality in July.

I am so fortunate to have met so many destination couples this year; it's such an exciting one for travel. I really can't wait.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Katherine & Paul ~ engaged | Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

I met Katherine & Paul at the Pavillion Cafe in Victoria Park, East London, on a bright and (still) frosty Sunday morning.


We sat down and spoke about how they met and what things they have planned for their April wedding.


Then when we were frozen, we headed for brunch over to one of my favourite streets, Columbia Road, for hot chocolate and some window shopping.


Katherine & Paul are such a lovely couple and I'm so glad to have had a few quick minutes outside with them on such a beautiful and fresh day. They're getting married in Cambridgeshire but unfortunately, I'm not covering their wedding as I'll be in Denmark photographing a tiny island wedding instead. It's a bitter-sweet life.


You remind me a little of Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine-Paul's a very lucky man.