Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dirty Little Secret... | Chloe Browne: London Wedding photographer

I've loved this blog, for so long.


I've often wondered just how real they are-so dark, so outlandish, at times so infantile. Logging in on a Monday to check the latest installment, I'm always stirred by something; the honesty or inventiveness, of these offerings.

In any case, I love it because at some point, the chances are they're real for someone, somewhere in the world.
Frank Warren, Man In Charge of PostSecret has made an appeal to the PS community, to buy the four books they've published in order to keep adverts off the site. I think it's a fair exchange.

Mine's in the post {secret}.


Something_Real said...

I stumbled on this site 2 years ago. What amazed me the most about it was its raw honesty and explicit emotion at its purest form...

cb-imagery said... is one of those sites that is entirely original, weathers the storms, isn't fashionable or cliché, it just is what it is.
Frank Warren is an interesting and dedicated man.

Ruby Schuman said...

Post-Secret is my Monday morning guilty pleasure.