Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Carey & James | Style Me Pretty ~ Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

The very, very pretty Canadian wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, featured Carey & James' beautiful countryside wedding this week.


Thank you Abbey & Erin!

If you've not yet visited Style Me Pretty, you should head on over right now to see their post here or have a snoop through Carey & James' whole gallery, here.  


I am a little behind with my blogging this week-there really is just so much to do at this time of year. I am looking at six amazing weddings that need their edits finished, three engagements and one family portrait session. I also have a brand new blog coming up next week which is a little overdue.
I feel a bit like that crazy little rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...

Looking ahead to my seventh wedding edit on Sunday, did you know Wellies & Vogue is getting married? I did and I can't wait to photograph her pretty head. Come rain or shine Tori, it's going to beautiful!

I am so thrilled to have so many such beautiful weddings to photograph this year; this really is the best job ever.


Georgie said...

Cool! Style me pretty is one of my favourite wedding websites. Beautiful, well done to you.

Susie Q. said...

That's brilliant! I loved this wedding when I first saw it on your blog, cool guests, pretty venue, handsome couple. GORG!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's credit to you. Nicely captured.


Filipa said...

I saw your work featured on Style me pretty, and thought I'd drop you a line. Great work on the countryside wedding! I always get so excited to see a wedding that is different and fun, because sometimes it feels like we here in UK are behind times (well, maybe not in London, but here in Northern Ireland for sure!). But this one was beautiful and more! I'm just so excited to always find great British vendors!

JasonG said...

After looking at your blog yet again I can see why Style Me Pretty wanted to feature it. Nice work!

Hayley Brock said...

Well I was lucky enough to attend this beautiful wedding and I can't think of a better photographer and friend to capture such a special day ... someone's story ... their first chapter so beautifully illustrated!

Caught the Light said...

Thanks guys! I'm really very lucky to have so many pretty weddings to photograph this year. And the sun's been good to me too!

Dolly said...
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Dolly said...

Congratulations Chloe! A beautifully shot wedding!
I love checking your blog every week or so - its making me so excited - the shoots of the past weddings you have shot this summer are all so heartbreakingly beautiful!
We'll be seeing you in less than 2 weeks! Eek! xx