Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Have you been to Harlem? | Chloe Browne: London Wedding photographer

I've tried to make it a monthly occasion, to meet up with my closest friend for dinner, drinks and a good old girls' chat. We've both been so busy of late, we haven't done this in months. The last time we did was here, at Harlem.




She's cheeky, isn't she?



Something_Real said...

I love Harlem, it has great natural light and it seeps in on sunny days. Every once in a while we'd grab a bite to eat after the ministry, brings back good memories.

Great lighting in your photos and they really do capture the essence of Harlem


Chloe Browne said...

Thanks Zak-it was the first time I'd been there. The waiter was very witty and had an impressive range of accents too.
This was the night I ended up down the road with you & Tommy. Now, where are those photos..?

JasonG said...

Yum! I must try the Louisiana Salmon Cakes.

claudine said...

this is my favourite place in the world, i used to live across the road from it and would go for the downtown breakfast with pancakes whenever i could, i love the picture frame above the bar!
i'm all about soul food!