Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Up On the Roof | Chloe Browne: London Wedding photographer

One night in Melbourne spent up on the roof, high above the rest of the city, in deck chairs, under blankets, eating crepes and drinking cocktails. 


It couldn't have been a better evening to have spent watching Peter Sellers in The Party.



The Roof Top Cinema, and the city's beautiful art deco influence are two of the top three things I love about Melbourne. 


You Krisko, are the third.  



JasonG said...

I love the last image. Look at all that space! A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria is worth it even if it is just to experience the stained glass ceiling.

Chloé Browne said...

The light in that building is so beautiful, it literally made me gasp.

Ruby Schuman said...

I have never been to Melbourne, but it's on my list. We have rooftop cinemas in summer in NY too-they're my highlight of the season. That and little shorts.