Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Coffee at the Salusbury | Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

When I lived in Queens Park, the Salusbury Deli was my favourite café. It had local photography on the walls, secret benches out the back and amazing melanzane alla parmigiana.

It had changed a bit since I last had breakfast there-sat with my husband the day before we left for our wedding last year. There are now cool lights, tables sprawled with newspapers and walls full of eclectic frames. 



If you're going to the Salusbury, it's probably best you take Mel with you. She's very good for a chat, can tell you all about Paul Smith's mainline dresses and she's a good giggler too.



Ruby Schuman said...

I've had Monmouth coffee in London, so good! I truly love these tones.

melanie said...

I'd happily have coffee, a good chat & an even better giggle with you anyday Chloe! You've captured one of my fav cafes beautifully xxx

JasonG said...

Wow man, this place has really changed. It used to feel so dark in there (but always with the wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee beans) and now from these beautiful images it looks so fresh and light. I must go back and experience it myself (and smell the coffee).

Serena Perdios said...

I simply love the shot of the frames with the light above them. The B&W photos look very French. Beautiful Chloe.

Caught the Light said...

Thanks everyone! Sometimes it's just coffee with a friend that makes your weekend.