Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane... Chloe Browne | London Wedding Photographer

I've had two brides this week ask about Super8 film and talk about lomography, so I thought it fitting to post some of my holiday Holga film. She's a tempremental beast of a plastic camera who loves to leak in light, but I love her. She was in fact, my wedding day gift, so here are a few from my honeymoon roll: Paris & Cuba. 

Unlike many sensible wedding photographers, I'm taking my big holiday at the start of the year, before wedding season spirals into a photographing frenzy for me. 
We're heading to South Africa, which is supposed to be beautiful. If you haven't seen Flashbacks of a Fool, it's definitely worth it for the light alone. Whilst there, we'll be going to our first wedding as husband & wife. We're usually husband & she's-over-there-with-the-cameras.

I'm technically out of the office until April 2nd, but will be checking emails every few days, so do drop me a line.  Sorry if I've not been able to squeeze you in before my trip (it's been a frantic few weeks), but I'll be making up for lost time as soon as I'm home.

Lastly, if anybody out there can recommend a UK Super8 videography company, please do let me know. And if not, someone should really tap into that niche. And quickly!


JasonG said...

Ahh the Holga, it looks and feels like a kid's toy but the resulting images are beautiful. These have brought back some wonderful memories.

agreat said...

You have a very busy week taking wonderful photos, and I can’t blame you for taking such a beautiful photos
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web design Los Angeles said...

I love the photos, the blur effects of the first photo so just so beautiful. I love it.

Leo Patrone said...

These are amazing! I love the Holga!

Caught the Light said...

Oh my, that means so much Leo-thank you. To me you are film royalty!

Ruby Schuman said...

These have made me want a holga.

Tracy said...

I love my diana F+, but I lost the back taking pictures up a snowy hill! Must get another.