Monday, 24 May 2010

British Journal of Photography~Unveiled | Chloe Browne : London Wedding Photographer

I was doubly thrilled recently to have had one of my images printed in the May issue of the British Journal of Photography, to advertise an event I'll be speaking at in a secret location in London, on July 1st.  


You may be able to grab a copy of the British Journal of Photography's May edition quickly before the June issue goes on sale. It's a very beautiful magazine which takes a good look behind the scenes of photography and discusses the latest British photography campaigns, with insight and a discerning eye. 

At Unveiled, I'll be being interviewed by the infamous Kat of Rocknrollbride fame, talking a little bit about my photography style and how I found a spot in the British wedding photography market. The event is supported by Hasselblad and so I've also been asked to trial the newest addition to the Hasselblad H range, the H4D40, before the event which I am very excited about. It's an amazing medium format camera and I'll even get to use it on an actual wedding too!

The editor of Wedding magazine, Catherine Westwood will be there too, so it will be interesting to hear about the wedding industry from both her print and Kat's online perspective. 

Any of you who have met me know how much I love to talk, but it's still a little bit intimidating getting up in front of big groups of people; especially those industry professionals who read the BJP and look to Hasselblad as the respected brand that it is. If you're interested in coming along to heckle me, you can buy tickets for Unveiled here and also enter the photography competition too if you are a professional or aspiring wedding photographer.

If you can make it, do come up and say hello. I'll be the one sat with the girl with pink hair


Kat said...

haah love ur post! ;o)

Andy JR said...

I'll be there!

Josie said...

Wow-it looks amazing in print. Wish I could be there but I'm away. I'll heckle you in person next time. Promise.

Justin said...

The BJP is an excellent magazine which gives you more credit than just a generic wedding magazine. Nice exposure.

JasonG said...

I cannot wait to see you up there (can I borrow your camera?)!

Jodie Chapman said...

Check you out!! Well done you. Thoroughly deserved and I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.

JULIA said...

Well done, shame they werent able to do it earlier then we both would have got to speak on the day! But you will get to meet my boss at the magazine, Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Wow! so impressed with your speaking at such an auspicious event! only wish i could be there but sadly working. any chance JasonG will record your speech via his phone? couldn't be anymore prouder of you! annette xx

Stella said...

I've just booked a spot on this. Perhaps a bit randomly as I'm not a wedding photographer (but who knows what can happen in the future hey?). Hopefully we can meet for a quick hello if you have time. Estelle