Friday, 28 May 2010

Cape Town, South Africa | Chloe Browne : London Wedding Photographer

A couple of months ago, we went to Cape Town, for Richard & Sanchia's wedding and decided to make a really good holiday of it.

On our first day, we rushed down to a beach bar to have cocktails in the setting sun with the very lovely Emma Norén and her handsome Ricky

Emma & Ricky Cape Town
This is my first photo taken with her beautiful Rolleiflex-there's something sweet about taking a photographer's photo. Emma photographed our wedding last year and for that, I adore her. 

We had so much organised for when we visited Cape Town, looking back at all the photos, I am amazed we fitted it all in.


Africa has some truly amazing animals. 

I can't take credit for that one that my husband took as I was 
actually in the water, in a cage, barking like a seal.


We ate at my second favourite restaurant ever, Cape to Cuba

Took a walk to the Malay quarter and Bo Kaap 

And finished the trip with drinks with new friends.

I'm now off away again for a few days, this time to Sicily to eat, sleep and take photos. Then I'm back to work on two weddings next week, in Covent Garden and the country. It's going to be a really good week.


Susan S. said...

Can I hire you to photograph my life???

LJB said...

That shark photo is amazing! Did you do diving with sharks? Please tell me all about it, it is my dream to go diving with great whites.

serena said...

My oh my, what beautiful photos Chloe! I cannot pick a favorite. They are all so vibrant, full of life and colors. I adore Africa and I feel that you've really captured some of it in these images. All the best in Sicily! ;)

J&H said...


Vibrant photos, so beautiful. Perhaps we'll go on holiday with you too next time?

EmmaG said...

Ha Susan you stole my idea! Seriously Chloe, be-au-ti-ful photos! Stunning colours, you've got such a good eye for shots :)

Caught the Light said...

LJB, I did do shark cage diving and it was brilliant! We didn't feed them (ethical diving dahling) but they came really close and one eyeballed my husband. He looks a bit more like a seal than me though. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely do it!

Celine Chaplin said...

I love the pics from your second favourite cafe, totally eclectic furniture and great vibrant colours!

rob said...

cape to cuba rocks..think i'll stop past there on the weekend ;)

again..absolutley awesome shots chloe..miss you guys

emmajane said...

You the sweestest person ever and aazing photographer!! Lovely photos my darling, I so wish Ricky and I had longer time there. Need to go back. Very cool shark pic super impressed!

Love Emi

chiquilaura said...

Beautiful and inspiring,.. loving the colours chick!

Stella said...

Hi there, I've just found your blog by Googling natural light photographers in London. It is SO great to find such amazing, creative and inspiring work being done here in London. Most of the work I've found doesn't hit the creative spot like yours. And I'm from Cape Town, which you have captured beautifully. I'm moving back home in October to (hopefully) start my own photography business. Not weddings, but very much natural light, real, honest, candid stuff. Anyway, will be following your blog and work from now on, thanks for the inspiration. Estelle

Seth + Tenielle said...

Chloe the lion shark brave heart. Not only do you take ridiculously good looking photos but you swam with a great white. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

JasonG said...

The sharks were the highlight for me. Seeing them face-to-face makes you realise how ridiculously useless you are when you are as a human swimming in the ocean. And yes one did stare at me for a bit too long.

Caught the Light said...

Oh Estelle, what a lovely thing to have written to me as a complete stranger. I have full faith that with a passion, you can pretty much do anything. I really look forward to seeing your work!

Thank you everyone for always being so nice to me. It's so encouraging and helps me keep on my feet.