Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Carey & James | Chloe Browne: London Wedding Photographer

Carey and James are a lovely, down-to-earth couple who got married in the first week in June. They held their reception at the very stylish Anchor Inn in the very quaint Hampshire, out in the English countryside. I have never been to such a fantastic pub in all of my life and I'm not proud to admit that I've visited a fair few. We had such beautiful weather that everyone was in the highest of spirits, which really made for quite the perfect day.






This one I took with the almighty Hasselblad H4 D40, loaned to me by the ever-generous Hasselblad Pro Centre
They even gave me a lovely assistant to hold it and help me get this 100mm lens on.



The evening light was so beautiful, I managed to sneak them off for just a few more minutes.

This one they chose to make into a Thank You card and I'm so glad they did. 
It's my absolute favourite from the whole day.


Now that this wedding is edited and delivered, it's time to crack on with the other four that have followed and gear up for
a wedding this Saturday in Manchester. It's a busy time of year and I love it.


Anonymous said...

Chloe, such beautiful photographs and an amazing location! I bet you had fun shooting all their lovely details! Philippax

KZ said...

They really are stunning Chloe - you captured a beautiful day!

JasonG said...

These are absolutely amazing! So many great memories of what was a beautiful wedding. It was a fantastic day where friends from all corners had lots of fun and you captured it perfectly (thanks again James and Carey for a great day).

Tenielle said...

What an incredible gift you have for telling stories.....magical.....

Jodie Chapman said...

Gorgeous, Chloe! Without a doubt my favourite is the shot of them in the car. Looks like a very lovely wedding.

Tracy said...

Wow...a hassleblad. I am jealous.
Beautiful pictures, I really love the last one. What perfect light.

Ryan Graham said...

Hi Chloe

Wow what a small world. I met you in Cape Town when you we're out for Sanchia and Richards wedding. I'll be in London in July, we should try to meet.
Keep well
Ryan Graham

Debs said...

Beautiful Chloe! The light in those last ones is just so, so pretty :)

kim said...

Gorgeous pics Chloe - absolutely beautiful.

Lisa said...

wow I really love this one. so beautiful and they look so in love :)

chiquilaura said...

The light was so beautiful, well done Chloe!

Melissa Gillespie said...

Chloe: These photos are especially beautiful. I have been admiring your work ever since you started and they have been nothing short of fantastic. I just wish i could get married again to have you take the photos. I would be so happy if was the happy couple. xx Mel (Australia)

Caught the Light said...

Wow-thanks everyone for such nice comments! She did look so lovely, didn't she? It was a truly great day in the sunshine.

Carey & James said...


Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much. James and I are so totally thrilled with what an amazing job you did on our wedding. We LOVE all the photos, it's fantastic to have such a beautiful reminder of the most perfect day of our lives.
Thanks so much. Lol, Carey & James.xxx

AmyPunky said...

This is so beautiful!! I love your photos!!

Brosnan Photographic said...

These are so beautiful! Nice shot with the hasselblad!