Friday, 25 June 2010

Philippa & James ~ engaged | Chloe Browne : London Wedding Photographer


I met Philippa and James a few months ago, to talk about their wedding in July. Philippa is one of the most stylish people I have ever met; she's so poised and cool, she's the kind of girl you imagine characters in films being based on. For their engagement session, they took me to the beautiful hidden gem that is Petersham Nurseries in Richmond and waited patiently for me to calm down and refocus on them-there were so many pretty things to look at!



We then had a wander next door through an absolutely huge field.
Richmond is such a beautiful place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


I cannot wait for their wedding next month-with all the details and ideas they have planned, it is guaranteed to be amazing. I love nothing more than arriving at a wedding and not even wanting to put my camera down.

I know I've been a bit of a bad blogger of late, but I have been flat out this week with meetings and visits and lunches with brides, so I now have four weddings due up here soon. I have some exciting new changes coming up in the next few weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled!


EmmaG said...

Beautiful shots (as always!). Petersham Nurseries looks so interesting, no wonder you were slightly distracted!

serena said...

I love the shots in the field. Gorgeous light. Looking forward to the wedding shots!

Anonymous said...

I love her maxi! Cute couple and a nice few locations too nicely captured.

Debs Ivelja said...

LOVE the shot of the couple sitting in the long grass, its so beautiful!

Emma Coleman said...

If you ever get chance have lunch there, it's AMAZING food!

Caught the Light said...

It was such a great place for an engagement session-really unusual and just so, so cool. It helps when you have gorgeous couples too of course!

JO said...

I love them sat on the bench looking at the camera. It's like something out of Vanity Fair.